armless in public

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I have asked why I walk slowly with mystery. It is because I believe I am a unique woman, a woman who people look at with wonder. With this in mind, I walk with the grace of a silent movie actress, one foot in front on the other like I am walking on a fashion cat walk. It adds to my mystery.

People have asked me how I feel in public when people look at me, when they look directly to my shoulders without arm and not into my eyes. I have mixed feeling about this.

Today I will go to the pool and you can watch me how I am in public. For those who look at me as strange, I think of myself as a mystery. Those who look and pity me I do things for myself like open bottles and turn pages in a book so they know I am independent. And for those you watch me because my body is unique and they admire my qualities, I touch myself softly and I smile for them knowing that they love the look of my body and that I am proud to be me.

approx 18 min.

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