An incredible paraplegic and beautiful polio cripple come together

buy-now-goldAthena has asked Delicia to bring her a pair of leg brace to try and when she gets there the fun begins!

Delicia drive in and gets out of he car. She walks up a few stairs to Athena’s apartment. Once there, she’s greeted by Athena and welcomed in. They sit down and Athena inspects Delicias braces. Then they leave to go to get a large bag containing a second set for Athena to try on.

Between the two of them the struggle to get the large heavy bag from the car and return to the apartment with it and into the bedroom. Athena lifts herself onto the bed and pulls herself over making room for Delicia to come onto the bed too. Delcia shows Athena how she takes off her braces and they bring out the set for Athena to try on.

They put the flashy black leather and steel braces on Athena and Delcicia takes her step by step through the process. they compare their legs and feet. Once they discover the braces fit but need final modifications, they remove Athena’s braces and then they transfer off the bed and its off to the living room.

Delicia’s very interested in Athena’s method of transfers and asks her to transfer to the sofa for her and then to the floor and back.

Filmed by Chairem President Fred Nelson in the style of our classic premium videos who many know so well.

45 minutes long with nonstop action.

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