2 special friends

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Our beautiful Exotica sets out to enjoy the sunshine. She uses her pretty feet to slowly roll her top up her body, over her nubs and off showing her pretty bikini top.

Exotica skillfully opens suntan lotion and pours the lotion onto herself and smoothes it over her legs, up her thighs to her stomach and shoulders. She delicately smoothes the lotion with her toes over her nubs of arms and over her breast.

As she lays in the sun she is surprised to find her short legged friend Valentine standing at her feet. Valentine joins her on the ground and watches and Exotica unrolls Valentines long white stocking from her short leg and applies lotion over the foot and short leg using nothing but her foot.

Join two very special ladies, two very special friends and sit with them and enjoy watching as they share a day together. Each born with a unique deformity, forever united as friends who share their qualities with you feeling proud of who they are.

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HI-RES approx 23 minutes

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