The stalking or Primavara part 2

buy-now-goldPrimavara’s stalker has found a way inside as Primavara lays unconscious, doped by a mystery drug the stalker

slipped into her drink ( See Part 1). As Primavara lays on the floor, thee stalker enjoys touching and fondling Primavara’s paralyzed legs and feet, manipulating them and positioning them at will without Primavara awaking. Its a free for all for the stalker to enjoy the intimate contact craved as the crippled Primavara lays unable to defend herself. When Primavara awakes, her wheelchair has been stolen by the stalker and in horror, Primavara must drag herself through the apartment looking for the wheelchair and for help. Is the stalker though tormenting her? Only a letter left for her gives Primavara any clues.

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