The sight of a braced woman

buy-now-goldHow is it that the loss of movement you see her getting out of a car. Your heart races

and your eyes are fixed on her every cumbersome movement. You watch from afar as she walks, swinging each steel and leather wrapped leg as the crutches carry her weight. Your mind wonders wondering how useful those legs are, can she move them, can she move her feet? You think to yourself how wonderful it would be to spend time with her, watching her remove her braces and to feel your heart pound in your chest as she picks up each useless leg to put on or take off her nylons and shoes and the cols steel that allows her to walk.
Beautiful Donna allows you to follow her and watch her walk as she goes inside and prepares for you the opportunity to sit with her as she loves her body and provides her polio paralyzed legs the devotion they so much deserve.

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