Penny for your thoughts

buy-now-goldPenny is such a sweetheart. So new to her paralysis that she’s still uncertain what she can and cant do with

her broken body. Each movie for her has given her insight into what her body will allow and what will forever be impossible for her to do. With her wheelchair taken away, she learns she can drag herself to find it and how to struggle to try to get on the bed from the floor.
We wonder what she’s thinking as she puts lotion on her legs and feet; she can see them, feel her legs and feet in her hands but the useless legs and feet feel nothing in return. Watching her struggle to position herself on the soft bed to transfer is outstanding and once seated in her wheelchair, she is outside in the sun. Then we ask her to transfer herself into the car, something she is still learning to do well. Dear crippled Penny, we’d give you much to hear your thoughts.

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