Pamela’s fractured leg

buy-now-goldA minor fall and twist and Pamela has fractured her leg ( in real life!) A phone call for help and the next thing,

we find her bound in a soft cast where she will remain for the next 3 months. Pamela’s polio has twisted her body making casting her weak leg a challenge. Even though she should stay off it completely, she needs to use it or its impossible for her to walk. The Doctors determined a soft cast was the only option.
Pamela rests on her bed before lowering herself to the floor to pull and collect her crutches. When she returns, she raises to eh sofa to rest before attempting to walk with her struggling to the kitchen for a drink. When she returns to the sofa she cant stand being inside any longer on such a fine day so she heads outside for some sun and struggles to use the stairs while protecting the fractured leg from her full body weight. Incredible crutching from our polio crippled princess as she masters walking on a fractured leg.

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