Danni’s Secret Midnight Meeting

buy-now-goldIt’s clear and there’s no one else around but you and Danni. We’ve told her we want her to show her legs

and feet and to pick them up and flop them around as much as she can and she agrees. In the parking lot Danni transfers her wheelchair out of the car and assembles it. She peels off her nylons and shoes to show off those wonderful cripple limbs. Her transfers, the lifeless motion of her legs is all caught on video before we point out the stairs and request her to go there. At the bottom of the stairs, Danni lifts her body and useless legs to the floor and inch by inch, stair by stair she pulls her lifeless legs up the stair case, one at a time, flopping and dragging as she make her way. We call her to come back down. Each leg is tangles repeatedly as she lifts her weight and lowers her body down the staircase. At the base of the staircase, her legs lay tangled in a dormant heap as she prepares to get back into her wheelchair.

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