Claudia, the crippled girl from high school

buy-now-goldMost of the time she sat alone in the library or ate lunch alone. Other kids didnt want to be around her but you always watched her.

You wondered about her and why she used her wheelchair. You could see her legs were useless but never had the courage to ask her why. You imagined what it would be like to watch her get out of her wheelchair and onto her bed. What did her legs look like under her slacks and inside those shoes, you dreamed about her feet. If you had the courage, you would have talked wit her and asked all about why she was crippled but you didnt want to be seen talking to her in class. You felt ashamed because you would get turned on watching her wheel past and she always took time to smile at you. If you could go back in time, your would tell that little crippled princess that you thought she was pretty and maybe, just maybe you would ask for permission to take off her shoes and socks or even hold her hand. Today, Claudia wants to take you back to your youth and she wants to be that special young girl who stole your heart. Claudia wakes to find you in her room and she smiles at you before pulling back the sheets to present to you the view of those legs and feet you wanted so badly to see. She applies lotion and show you what movement she has and you can see theres not enough to master standing or walking. Those legs are useless and your heart races. Then watch her as Claudia positions her wheelchair and drags herself into it for you and let your imagination run wild as you watch her legs fall flaccid and hang from her wheelchair.

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