Annie’s leg brace and shoes show

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Annie knows her legs will never move again. She knows her feet, although perfect and pretty are completely useless

but she knows how important it is to keep them creamed and beautiful.
Annie brings you to her side to share with you an intimate pair of nylons that she works so hard to roll up her legs. She picks up her legs repeatedly to show you how she puts her shoes on those wonderful feet. Then it is time.

For the first time in 6 years Annie transfers to the bed and is given her leg braces to put on and attempt to walk. she buckles down the leather and puts on shoes, then lifts her legs off the bed and with the aid of a walker, struggles to stand up.

Its emotional and so very difficult to look down and see legs that once ran with the wind now wrapped in leather, steel, useless and silent. She can speak to them but they do not respond. Annie must lift her body with all her strength to have her feet drag only inches ahead, one difficult step at a time. You can see how it takes her full strength to move the legs and how the effort brings tears to her eyes, both from the challenge and the pride of being able to say, ” I can walk”.

approx. 27 min

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