Loreena suffers a setback

Loreena as you’ve seen has been progressively regaining use of her legs. While she still need her leg braces,

she was able to walk greater distances. Tragically, 2 months ago Loreena fell down a flight of stairs redamaging her L5-6 disks and pinching the spinal cord. Loreena has lost most of the function she has regained and is again dependant on her wheelchair. She is able to stand with braces but only briefly. Today, we enjoy watching her transfer from the car to her wheelchair ( with braces hidden under her pants) and she wheels to the apartment where we enjoy exploring her paralysis. Leg manipulation to show the lack of movement, foot fondling to show off those beautiful feet and many more transfers. A time on the floor is complete with her dragging herself and a change of clothing before returning presents her legs in full glory. Now, with reduced muscle control she is able to sit in her wheelchair with her legs crossed under her thighs and if that doesnt turn your rock hard, you must not be breathing. We wish we could pick her up, hold her in our arms and show her how much Chairem fans truly love her


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