Iris Tempts her Cameraman


On her way to film her introduction to Chairem, Iris gets stuck wheeling though a snow bank. She’s encountered Admirers before and as luck would have it, she spots one filming her.

Soon she calls for his aid and she rewards her knight with allowing him to film her and more. Once she transfers to the floor of hr van and struggles to pull her wheelchair in, she invites the cameraman inside where she rewards him with a passionate review of her legs and feet and how she can manipulate them like no other para he has encountered.

You see, Iris had polio when she was a child and later because a paraplegic in an auto accident. Her legs are hers to play with and manipulate into any position she desires and she has more in store for him too. Iris knows how to seductively talk him into a passionate state with each descriptive word she uses to touch and describe those incredible, useless, paralyzed legs and feet. She even crawls for him and uses his lap to rest her feet as she slips her socks and shoes back on.

We have brought you the most incredible women of the world, now we introduce you to the passion and and paraplegic dream, Iris.
approx. 20 min

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