Bon voyage Delicia!

This morning my phone rang.
Delicia was excited to tell me her news.

First we talked about the new site and business, then she shared with me her excitement.

Delicia informed me today that she and her husband are moving to Spain!
She’ll continue to be a vital part of Chairem and working close with me as well as filming in the future
but now on the Coast in Spain.

I wish my business partner and dear friend the very best in their move and relocation. Theres
nothing like a little salt air to excite the senses.

One thought on “Bon voyage Delicia!

  1. Pat

    I want to also wish Delicia well. She has truly made my life much more enjoyable over the past few years. You are indeed one of my favorite Chairem women and I look forward with great anticipation to your next video.

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