Celebrating a new year for Chairem INTERNATIONAL

Welcome everyone to the new look and format of Chairem INTERNATIONAL.
Entering our 14th year its time for updating our look, our direction and our committment to the Women and the community we serve.

In total Chairem INTERNATIONAL has produced over 400 movies for your viewing pleaser and introduced you to over 60 women, each with unique disabilities who have welcomed our cameras into their homes and world.We are committed to bringing new ladies to Chairem while at the same time supporting and promoting those ladies you have come to know so well.

This year represents a fresh new look and a change in our movie offering format. As you may imagine, the cost of hosting over 300 movies on our server has become substantial. This hasn’t allowed us to provide you with  movies at a lower cost except through specials.  To continue to provide new movies, search out new Chairem Women and still give you opportunities to enjoy our extensive library, we’ve needed to make some changes to our server to be sure we could lower our prices.

In our new format you’ll enjoy these features:

Weekly updated new movies

~ New lower pricing. With the change in server space required and with the agreement of our Chairem Women we can now provide new lower pricing on all our movies.

The content of our movies will be broader as well. We want to share more of our wonderful Chairem Women’s worlds with you than before. You’ll have a better opportunities to see more of their worlds and they will have the opportunity to explore their passionate sides to express to you that they are beautiful women who happen to have disabilities. As always, there will never be nudity or pornographic content in Chairem INTERNATIONAL movies.

Our Blog. It’s here to communicate with you directly and share with you the biographies of our Chairem Women and so much more. Please take a moment to subscribe to our Blog as in the future we will be using our Yahoo groups much less than we have in the past. If you don’t want to miss anything…. subscribe!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating a new year for Chairem INTERNATIONAL

  1. Lynda Moor

    I was left disabled by polio back in 1951 and think your girls do a wonderfull job of promoting how able disabled women can be. I am paralysed from my hips down and up till a couple of years ago got about using crutches and calipers, but these days find it easier to use a wheelchair. I married in 1974, and my husband and I have brought up two wonderfull daughters despite my disability. Well done to you all. Lynda Moor.

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