Paralyzed Luna just wants to please you

Beautiful Luna knows you are fascinated by her paralysis, how she moves her legs, how her feet are becoming increasingly deformed as her hamstrings contract. She knows and loves that you are grateful for her showing you things you only dream of.
Today its a transfer to the floor, she’ll pull herself to the living room after binding her legs together. In the living room she manipulates her legs for you and displays her reason for binging her feet together in an incredible display. She pulls back ot the bedroom and struggles onto the bed and reached out to you hoping you will help lift her off the floor. She changes clothing, puts on incredible spiked heel shoes and nylons and transfers again to her wheelchair. What a truly beautiful woman.

Who waits for you Loreena?

Loreena shaves her legs before transferring into her old style hospital wheelchair and wheels to the living room. Her paralysis is clearly visible and we regent how she lost her ability to use leg brces but she continues to improve.
Loreena wheels to the kitchen and pours a glass of wine. After a few sips, she take her glass to the bedroom and transfers to the bed. Soon she falls into an uncertain slumber. The door of her apartment opens and a hooded visitor enters her room. In her deep slumber she is unaware how the hooded visitor is manipulating her paralyzed feet and legs, how she is being touches and tenderly stroked. From her useless pretty feet to her tender lips, the figure follows the contours of her body. PART 1 of 2 PARTS.

An Update on Iris ~ Find her here

For Fans of Iris, I can share with you this link so you can enjoy private one on one time with Iris ( aka Dakota Wild)

I can assure you, she is the dream you can only imagine

Watching Gails Crippled Legs


Gail walks around teh house with her cans, dragging each foot in place with every step, then goes outside. After walking though the parking lot she stumbles onto the staircase that she must navigate, struggling to lift her legs into place to walk up the stairs. Each foot drags into place as she struggles up the stairs. Then its walk walk back to the apartment. Once inside she removes her nylons and boots to show how deformed and twisted CP has made her feet appear. A struggling crawl on the floor is a delightful complement to her allowing you to watch her CP legs.

Donna’s Rainy Day Delights

When Donna welcome you to her room she delights you with some incredible polio leg delights. First a transfer from her wheelchair to the sofa so she can put on her braces. Those flaccid feet, useless little toes are so beautiful. Then its time for a stroll outside to the staircse where she navigates them, struggling with each legbraced step. You can almost see up her skirt before she turns and comes down the stairs to her apartment where she has something special. She sits on the sofa and removes one legbrace and nylon and then struggles to walk with her useless leg, dangling and her foot flopping into place with each difficult step.

By Catalinas bedside

After a brief rest Catalina sits up to take come much needed care of her legs. With some struggle, she moves around on her bed to collect lotion for them, nylons to make them look silky smooth and puts them both on. Her pretty feet and legs, paralyzed to perfection. Then some physical therapy for her legs before she continues on. She discovers her boots are no where to be found and must fall to the floor and struggle to pull herself across the room, down the hall to the livingroom to gather her shoes and get into her wheelchair.
Chairem is equaling all her sales so that she can have a proper wheelchair bought for her.

Valentines short leg is beautiful

When Valentine gets ready to go out she wants her short leg to look incredible for people to enjoy. A little fresh lotion is applied after a hop and short leg walk to retrieve her crutches and the lotion. Then outside she crutches to the stairs and a challenging pathway. Her leg dangles with a pretty shoe hanging from her pretty foot. Then she wonders to the grass to sit, show off her leg in the sun and then stand and hop before walking so unstable on both legs and finally crutching back down the path, to the stairs.

Stump Crutching!

Rechelle wakes with the intent of making a movie for you but when she gets off the bed, she injures her right stump. In pain she struggles to recover from the pain and must pull herself to the closet where she has stored a pair of crutches. Rechelle must crutch her way on her long above knee stump to the shower, then though the hallway to the bedroom. Once there she struggles onto the bed to put on nylons, tight shorts ( that show off her incredible buns) and then ita back onto the floor to crutch her way to the livingroom and her wheelchair that waits for her.