Ginger has something planned

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Ginger has something she wants to do outside but begins with a crawl through the house to get her wheelchair. Once nestled into its seat, she puts on a pair of long white stockings and shoes before wheeling outside. Once on a roll, something isnt quite right so she transfers out of her chair to the ground to wok on her wheelchair. Once its fixed she can return to the chair and wheel to the grarden planter to enjoy the view. She doesnt want her shoes on so they come off, her feet are crossed and she wheels back to the appartment. Inside she tranfers to teh floor, crawls to the sofa and puts her legs up on a pillow to massage them and play with her feet. then its back to the floor to crawl for us once more and lift her paralysed little body back into her wheelchair.

Cleopatra, who could be more beautiful

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When Cleopatra meets us she takes us on an adventure into the shower, following her from floor, to bed to wheelchair and into her shower for a fabulous wet T Shirt event. Then its back into ber bedroom and another transfer to her bed to undress for us, handling and moving her paralysed legs, moving her motionless feet by hand and more sensual transfers. It’s okay to watch, she loves showing you her wonderful skills as a paraplegic.


luna promo

We bring you one of your favorite Chairem Paraplegic models in this month long celebration of beauty.

Luna, the once runway model paralyzed by a bullet can be yours to enjoy tonight. For many years Luna has welcomed you into her world to explore her paralysis and her beauty. Many believe she’s even more beautiful today than when she walked the catwalk.

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Crystal hand crutches and wheelchairs

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When Crystal gets up off her bed we have things planned. We moved her wheelchair to the livingroom so she has to pull herself to retrieve it. Then we ask her to go outside for some hand crutching and wheeling around. Once outside she transfers and lowers herself to the ground to walk using her unique hand crutches. She removes her shoes and socks and returns to her wheelchair. We also give her the challenge of moving one leg at a time as she uses her hand crutches and thats something she’s never done and its erotically pleasing to watch.

Donna’s Cold Steel and Warn Heart

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Donna always smiles. Even though she lives a life struggling from the effects of polio, legs wrapped in cold steel and leather, her smile shines. She is using her wheelchair much more than in the past and today she wheels outside. Then when she enters her apartment she really begins to warm things up. She transfers to the bed to remove one brace from her weakest leg and ( at the request of a fan) walks allowing her leg to drag behind. Her toes curled under her foot slowly drag across the tile and curl so beautifully. She returns to the bed and removes the other brace before lowering herself to the floor to manipulate her paralyzed legs for your viewing pleasure.


Cleopatra special


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Cleopatra meets Cinderella

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Cleopatra, just watch in wonder

Cleopatra Just being Cleopatra

Cleopatra Poolside

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Cleopatra’s Leather wrapped Legs

Cleopatra’s Sofa Gymastics

Meeting Cleopatra