Pamela’s Sexy Shoes and Polio Legs

Pamela has her new raised shoe on and learning to play in it. Now she can get some use out of her polio ravaged leg that normally hangs, flops and dangles.
She plays in the park, on the swing and other things before walking to a bench to inspect her foot hiding in her shoe. Then its off for a long walk to the apartment where once inside she sits, takes off her shoes and socks and walks around.

Iris Leg Shave, foot fondling and toe sucking!


That incredible paralyzed Iris transfers out of her wheelchair, onto the bed to fondle her legs. They flop and dangle in her hands as she takes off her white socks before lathering up her legs to shave.
Then its time to play with those paralyzed feet, make them flop around, such on them and then paint her crippled toes nails.
She knows exactly what to say to turn your rock solid in an instant.

Mary’s Beautiful Paralyzed Legs

WE want to get to know Mary better, to see how she moves those legs and her feet.
First we ask for some bedroom transfers and struggles to the floor. She passes with flying colours when she makes her feet and toes spasm using a wooden pick. Then we make her struggle into onto the bed and back in her chair to go to the living room for more incredible leg and foot manipulation, shoe play and foot dragging on the floor. Oh yes, she has beautiful paralyzed legs all right!!!

Phone, Tablet or Computer?

Did you know that since January 23, 2016, all videos we post are programmed to be cross platform compliant?
Thats right, now you can buy any of the titles posted since January 23, 2016, save them to your phone, table or computer and watch them on any of your digital entertainment products. Go ahead, explore the incredible women of

Crystal redefines beauty.

Crystal never used braces or crutches, strictly her little hand blocks. Her legs are atrophied from polio and are of limited value to her. But somehow, she knows the importance of keeping them beautiful by taking care of her legs and feet with lotion, shaving them and painting her toes. Crystal cant stand but attempts to just for your enjoyment, and she must find a way to crawl up to get a glass from the cupboard. Her legs fail her and leaves her to crawl on the floor from room to room. She is truly a beautiful woman with polio legs that redefine beauty.

Claires crippled outside stroll

Crippled Claire has brittle bones and needs her walker. Her one leg is short from constantly being operated on for breaks. Today she walks in her apartment without a lifted shoe before going outside to walk for us so we can enjoy her incredible unique crippled qualities.

Donna has moments to tease and please

Delightfully playful, Donna plans on letting us enjoy some of her best attributes, those incredible polio legs and delicate and flaccid feet.
After lowering herself to the floor to pull herself over to collect her crutches, Donna once more lifts herself onto a chair to put on braces. This time, its only one brace so she can show us how she walks with one and struggles to drag along her weaker leg. Oh my, how that paralyzed foot is a problem for her, hanging, dragging across the floor and with all her effort, how she struggles to flop it into place when it gets tangled up. When she switches things up and puts on a pair of long white socks, I can feel my blood pressure go up!

Brenda’s Sweet Polio Feet

Brenda’s polio ravaged her legs leaving them useless and paralyzed. Her feet hang motionless except for a rare flicker of movement in her toes if she stimulates her feet.
Since joining Chairem long ago she has focused on making sure her feet and legs remain attractive and today is no different.
Brenda will transfer to the bed for you, play with her legs, then dedicate some love to her feet with lotion, then its time to get on the floor for us. Brenda moves and positions her legs ideally for us to watch her poke and jab at her feet with a toothpick so we can see those toes flicker. Then an incredible struggle from the floor into her wheelchair and out to the living room for shoes and more floor action. Wouldn’t you love to kiss and lick those perfectly soft, clean and paralyzed feet!