Luna Most Beautiful

When you watch Luna in the morning, its hard to believe her legs are still not able to walk. She has struggled to gain movement but in that movement there is no strength or feeling. Her legs remain useless to her. but her determination to one day walk again has never been lost to her. When you look at her feet, you can see that even standing will never be a reality for her again. She’s inspiring and beautiful and to us, she is perfect in every way.

Enjoy a Free downloadable sample below.

Rayannes Polio Leg Dangles

Rayanne’s weak leg has continued to fail her now she is middle aged. Post Polio has weakened the muscles and her leg is becoming painful. She grapples with trying to use it but is becoming more dependent on crutches. On days when her PPS flairs up she tries not to move the leg at all, she allows it to hand and dangle. If she’s wearing low shoes, it means the leg must drag behind as she walks.

coming tomorrow

We’ve watched Rayanne become more beautiful over the years with us and we’ve watched as post polio has weakened her leg. Between the onselt of pain and the loss of muscle strength, Rayannes right leg continues to become less stable and functional.

Tomorrow you’ll get an update on her and how this woman is dealing with crutches and how her polio leg dangles.


Some renovations starting soon

You may have noticed that we’ve been adding our samples to our site lately that you’ve been able to download and share rather than using our Youtube samples. This is because of the many people who have written wishing they could own the samples. Well, we’ve heard you and we’re making changes.

Over the winter months we will be updating all our movies with downloadable samples, starting with models in the A’s ( Aria, Athena, Annie) and working our way through to Yulisa. It’s a long process with well over 600 movies to update so that you can own your favorite samples. This project will be starting soon.

For our followers on facebook, you’ll no longer see the samples on our facebook page, just the text from our page. You’ll need to come visit us on our page to see the samples and the weekly updated movies.

Youtube is going though major changes as well. Back in November, youtube made it impossible for vendors to upload and sell movies directly on youtube. Its their intention to become bigger than netfix and in part to achieve that, they’ll get rid of the little guys. I guess with over 11 Million views and nearly 6,000 followers, Chairem international is small potatoes. I expect we will see all our samples and the devotee community uploads from around the world eventually disappear completely from Youtube as they transition. So giving you access to our sample from our site is our way of assuring you’ll get the media you want. Be sure to subscribe to our webpage for all the updated samples coming over the next 3 months.

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