Iris Sexy Shower and Transfer Struggle



Iris wheels to her shower in a hotel. Its not very accessible so she has to struggle to get in. That means a awkward transfer to the toilet then a risky transfer into the shower to get VERY hot and steamy. There is no nudity but you’ll explore her legs and feet in a new way. The wet T shirt clings to her firm breasts, nipples and incredible shape. Then after a rich lather, leg shave and a little to sucking its back to the toilet to dry off and cool down.

We’re taking a short Break!


Well folks, we’re taking a little break. We’ve been hard at it as always bringing you the incredible women of the world who love to call themselves Chairem Women.

We’re off on a filming expedition to bring you new material from Primavara, Luna, Valentine, Naomi, Catalina, Gloria, Rechelle as well as from new ladies who include a beautiful paraplegic and a heart stopping above knee amputee. If time allows we may also introduce you to a below knee amputee and a beautiful, independent and conservative paraplegic.

Its hard to believe that Chairem INTERNATIONAL is now entering our 18th year. How time flies and how the world of admirer media has changed. We now offer you our huge library of media though YOUTUBE as well as from here on our home page.

We have already begun bringing you short and now full length feature movies on YOUTUBE and eventually ALL OUR MOVIES will be available on YOUTUBE as well as to download from our website. Since last year, all new movies posted for sale from our website are cross platform compliant making it easy to access new material on your PC, Tablet or Smart phone. Eventually all movies will be cross platform compliant and available through YOUTUBE.

To show you our appreciation for your continued support, we will expend our sale while were gone. ALL movies, new and old, ALL models and all Model types are now on sale. Some reduced from $125.00, others from $89.00, all are now $69.00. We make no guarantee how long we can keep prices this low so dont delay. If there’s a movie you’ve always wanted, GRAB IT NOW!

On Monday Oct 17th we’ll leave with you an incredible, HOT, EROTIC Shower video from Iris to please you and keep you thrilled for years to come

Valentines Short and Pretty Leg

Valentine knows you want to enjoy watching her leg and foot. How often will a woman with such a short leg let you admire it so closely?
She walks without crutches for you before going ouside on crutches so you can enjoy how her foot hangs, swings and dangles as she goes up and down stairs, across a cobble stone pathway and as she sits in the grass. Her ability to make that short leg look so beautiful will thrill you and just knowing you’re watching her crippled leg and loving it thrills her to know end.




Primavaras Perfect Legs

Primavara’s legs and feet are perfect in every way. Long and slender, soft and tender, paralyzed and motionless except in her hands.
Primavara arrives in a car, transfers to her wheelchair. in her lap a beautiful pair of high heels. She wheels towards the apartment but struggles to keep her feet on the wheelchairs footplate. She struggles with those beautiful feet as they wont stay and dangle off the chair. Then once inside Primavara entertains you with a look at her incredible legs, and seductively treats you to an incredible leg and foot show.

Pamela’s Sexy Shoes and Polio Legs

Pamela has her new raised shoe on and learning to play in it. Now she can get some use out of her polio ravaged leg that normally hangs, flops and dangles.
She plays in the park, on the swing and other things before walking to a bench to inspect her foot hiding in her shoe. Then its off for a long walk to the apartment where once inside she sits, takes off her shoes and socks and walks around.

Iris Leg Shave, foot fondling and toe sucking!


That incredible paralyzed Iris transfers out of her wheelchair, onto the bed to fondle her legs. They flop and dangle in her hands as she takes off her white socks before lathering up her legs to shave.
Then its time to play with those paralyzed feet, make them flop around, such on them and then paint her crippled toes nails.
She knows exactly what to say to turn your rock solid in an instant.

Mary’s Beautiful Paralyzed Legs

WE want to get to know Mary better, to see how she moves those legs and her feet.
First we ask for some bedroom transfers and struggles to the floor. She passes with flying colours when she makes her feet and toes spasm using a wooden pick. Then we make her struggle into onto the bed and back in her chair to go to the living room for more incredible leg and foot manipulation, shoe play and foot dragging on the floor. Oh yes, she has beautiful paralyzed legs all right!!!