Becca’s Videos: Amputee Video 2


More amputees for your viewing pleasure!  In this video made of clips, you’ll see different ladies crutching and hopping about.  Some ladies will be crawling with no legs or being seductive scooting across the floor while you watch.  Watch a double amputee wheel herself to the grass so she can lie down on it.  Each clip was hand selected for your enjoyment so I hope you enjoy.  $10 now

Rayanne barefoot polio in the park

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There was a day when someone was crippled by polio, they we simply called a, ” Polio”. Rayanne remembers that and she once called herself a polio when we talked with her. Somehow sad but sensual at the same time. So calling her a barefoot polio is a name of endearment. In this movie we watch her get out of a car, remove her shoe and sock so we can see her polio effected leg and crippled foot as she crutches. In the grass, she finds moving ehr leg with each step too difficult so instead, she allows her foot to drag in the grass with each step. I had to film that closely, watching her foot flop over and drag her toes though the grass, watching ehr ankle roll over and how truly incredible that useless foot it. How I wish the camera could be put down so I could pick up her foot and lick and suck those useless toes. You like crippled feet as well? you will love watching her feet in this movie.

Crutchman TV and Polio Expo

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Crutchman collected everything on TV possible and its scattered through his movies but his own work was legendary. Here he travels to a Polio conference and product expo with his camera at hand. Crutches and legbraces abound with women walking for him in skirts and long pants, dragging a braced leg, swing through crutching style and so much more. The whole exposition filled with the greatest polio women in north America. A day that is slowing passing into history but for now, these incredible polio crippled women are walking for each of us to enjoy.

Becca’s Videos Amputee Video 1

This time, we are changing it up a bit as I have compiled amputee clips for the amputee lovers out there.  Watch as legless ladies wheel or hop around showcasing their luscious stumps.  Some wearing prosthetics and some are bare for your pleasure.  Watch the stumps jiggle as the ladies hop or while they balance with their one single leg.  Watch as an armless woman shows you she can use her feet to her advantage.  Don’t miss out on this video made especially for you.  $10 cost.

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Gingers swim is paraplegic perfection

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Have you ever sat at a pool and watched with anticipation when you see a young crippled girl arrive poolside? You hope to watch her get rady to get in the pool, you watch her hoping she’ll crawl to the pool. How does she swim, how does she get in and out of the pool, can she feel her legs? All this rushes though your mind. Ginger takes you to that pool. Watch her undress, transfer, enjoy the sun and then crawl and lower herself into the pool. She knows your watching so makes an attempt to show you everything you want to see. Big sexy breast bounce under her top as she crawls to the pool, they swing as she lifts herself out of the pool and onto the lounge chair to dry, lotion and dress. You would be amazed how hard you would be standing and watching and trying to hide your bulge behind a towel. This is paraplegic perfection!

Mary, a perfect paraplegic sighting

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It’s not often you get to sit in and watch a paraplegic in her home as she transfers and has to struggle to use a bathroom thats not wheelchair accessible. Can you imagine always being stopped by a doorway to narrow to let you pass so you have to tranfer to the cround and drag yourself into the bathroom to shower or use the toilet? that is Mary’s reality. She tranfers from ehr bed to to wheelchair, then to the bathroom where she must crawl out of her wheelchair, useless legs an obstruction and into the shower, lifting each limb by hand, slowly until she is in and able to shave her legs. She does this just for you so you can understand her world a little better. Then its back into her chair, to the bedroom and more leg manipulation. It would be so much easier if her legs worked independently but that will never be. They will forever be paralyzed, motionless and dependent on her strong arms to be moved. Mary is, a perfect paraplegic sighting.