Donna has moments to tease and please

Delightfully playful, Donna plans on letting us enjoy some of her best attributes, those incredible polio legs and delicate and flaccid feet.
After lowering herself to the floor to pull herself over to collect her crutches, Donna once more lifts herself onto a chair to put on braces. This time, its only one brace so she can show us how she walks with one and struggles to drag along her weaker leg. Oh my, how that paralyzed foot is a problem for her, hanging, dragging across the floor and with all her effort, how she struggles to flop it into place when it gets tangled up. When she switches things up and puts on a pair of long white socks, I can feel my blood pressure go up!

Brenda’s Sweet Polio Feet

Brenda’s polio ravaged her legs leaving them useless and paralyzed. Her feet hang motionless except for a rare flicker of movement in her toes if she stimulates her feet.
Since joining Chairem long ago she has focused on making sure her feet and legs remain attractive and today is no different.
Brenda will transfer to the bed for you, play with her legs, then dedicate some love to her feet with lotion, then its time to get on the floor for us. Brenda moves and positions her legs ideally for us to watch her poke and jab at her feet with a toothpick so we can see those toes flicker. Then an incredible struggle from the floor into her wheelchair and out to the living room for shoes and more floor action. Wouldn’t you love to kiss and lick those perfectly soft, clean and paralyzed feet!

Catalinas paralysis is divine

Catalina is still trying to earn the money for a proper wheelchair and cushion but you can see she has major potential. Her feet are beginning to twist uncontrolled because of the improper fitted wheelchair not supporting her legs properly. The results are legs that hand and feet that are pretty but flop uncontrolled and soon will not fit properly into shoes. She looks incredible transferring in and out of her wheelchair, from a chair to the floor and pulling herself along the tiled floor. Lotion and nylons and a pair of shoes complement her incredible yet silent legs.

Iris devotee Leg Brace Fitting part 2

When Iris is lured into her bedroom by a devotee pretending to fit her with leg braces, the fun begins for both of them. He puts her in blind glasses to hide what hes doing. Soon he’s fondling her legs, sucking her toes and tangling her legs up on the bed. While he gets so turned on, he discovers shes Iris- the Chairem Model and he goes wild. Its not until he feels her crippled body up, puts her in leg braces and sucks and licks her feet that he discovers that the glasses he gave her have failed and she has watched him take advantage of her crippled, useless and lush legs. He doesnt know that all this incredible devotee attention has made her so wet and horny too that she gives him a hug and the camera has to be shut off. Iris loves the fantasy of having a devotee love her crippled body.

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Iris fantasies: My Devotee Legbrace Fitting Pt. 1

Iris is a profoundly beautiful woman. A perfectly crippled paraplegic that loves to find sensuality in her useless legs. She knows how to manipulate her legs and feet to turn on a devotee and unlike anyone we’ve met, she is turned on by devotees loving her crippled body.
We agreed to creating her movies based on her fantasies and one of her fantasies is to be assessed by a devotee for leg braces. She wants to watch him touch her legs, feel her feet and get turned on as she plays up her incredible paralysis. She wanted to show how she can stand and leg her legs hang using her walker and watched to see how turned on her devotee would become.Her panties wet watching her devotee turn hard as he touches her feet and talks to her about her useless and dangling legs. I can assure you our time in the bedroom after the filming of this fantasy was fierce and loud! Yes fellow devotees, there are paralyzed women out there who want to use their crippled bodies like no others can to prove to you and themselves that their useless legs are SO VERY SEDUCTIVE!

ALERT! Meet Shieva – a fully paralyzed Quadriplegic woman

Born infected by polio, Sheiva never stood a chance of learning to walk. Then at a young age experienced a high level injury leaving her a quadriplegic with NO MOVEMENT below her shoulders. Fully dependent on her care giver to dress her, move her limbs, trim and paint her nails, everything must be done by another for her. Shieva shows us how she moves her wheelchair, how her attendant moves her arms for her and then in her interview we explore the qualities of a totally paralyzed body. We see her hands, feet and atrophied legs as her attendant shares Shieva’s qualities with us. In this 30 minute movie we get to know Shieva very well and explore the potential of the first fully paralyzed woman to become a Chairem Woman.
*We have specially priced this introduction to allow you the opportunity to explore for yourself the wonders of Shieva’s total paralysis and how we give her challenges to struggle.

A Short Leg Hop To First Base.

A hop down the hallway to get her crutches and nylons and those sexy red shoes. Some loving lotion on her short leg before a hop and then crutching outside. In the park she plays and hops with her short leg on full display. More incredible crutching and close ups of that wonderful short leg hanging and its off to the stairs to master them with and without crutches.

Rachelle is an amputee playing in the park

Rechelle is a very playful young woman. She enjoys taking selfies like all pretty young women and when asked, she’ll even take pictures of hr stumps for her boyfriend to drive him crazy.
Today, its time to play in the park. A stop on thee staircase for some pictures, then its off to the park, onto the ground and time to play on the swing, monkey bars and slide. Incredible watching her scoot across the ground so fast and those legs, perfectly tanned and ideal for fondling!