A crazy summer but great fall ahead

I’ll tell you, its been a crazy summer and the first time in our 18 year history we’ve gone this long without updating you with new movies. Where Chairem International President, Fred Nelson is located has been ravaged by spring flooding and the worst forest fire season ever ( thats in British Columbia, Canada by the way).

I do have good news to report. We have updated our youtube channel with 30 of our movies last month and again this month with an additional 30 movies. We’ve also priced most of our movies on Youtube at $30.99 ~ thats a $38.00 savings! Drop in and subscribe to keep up to the latest movie releases and all our new movies coming this fall. https://www.youtube.com/chaireminternational

Coming this fall are movies by, Brenda, Donna, Primavara, Luna, Catalina, Rayanne, Exotica, Rechelle and others including new models.
We promise an exciting fall line up of the worlds most incredible women with disabilities.

We’re still alive and well

Everything progresses normally, I just have not been able to post anything new for the last month. We have a years supply of movies to bring you but at the moment we are struggling with a huge issue.
Here is a look into my private world. We are fighting with a huge water problem and for the next while, it will take priority.
I’m here for customer service as needed.
Here’s a couple news reports. ~ Please share them where you can as it helps bring attention to the issues.



Who Waits For You Loreena? Pt. 2

In part 2 of Who’s watching you Loreena, our beautify paraplegic wakes from a day dream. Her wheelchair has been taken while she slept and she must struggle to find it. As she pulls herself to the livingroom, she discovers an envelope under the door. She opens it with a sinister message inside. Loreena does what the message tells her to including struggling back to dress in nylons and sexy heels. Over 4 minutes long.

We’re back!

Hi folks. Sorry to keep you waiting. We’ve been busy behind the scenes and restocking our inventory of fresh now movies and even some new incredible Chairem Women for you to meet.

Watch for part 2 of Loreena’s 2 part movie coming this week. Incredible climax for both her and the viewers.

Rechelle asks, ” You love me even without my legs?”

Rechelle was feeling sad remembering her long legs and how she loved wrapping them around a man. We reminded her how she had a huge fan base of men who find the remains of her legs even more attracted. Rechelle glides on the floor for you, shaves and lotions her incredible stumps, changes her outfits and lets you completely loose yourself in watching her pleasure her stumps, jut because you love her without her legs.

2 Paras enjoy each other

When Primavara and Luna get together they dont mind exploring each others paralysis for us. Each takes the others shoes and socks off and administers a loving layer of lotion to each others legs and feet. Primavara explores Lunas feet with a sharp skewer to see if she can feel anything, if she can make her toes move. Luna does the same with Primavaras feet. 2 incredible paraplegics, 4 beautiful feet to enjoy and foot worship like only 2 paraplegics can.

Naomi, beautiful on a leg and a half

Naomi gets up for a stroll to the livingroom. She removes her shoes, nylons and her prosthetic. A tender fondling of her stump is in order before hopping to her crutches. She walks on her crutches showing off her stump with each tempting step. Then lotion adorns her wonderful residual limb. More hopping, more crutching and more stump devotion ensues.

Paralyzed Luna just wants to please you

Beautiful Luna knows you are fascinated by her paralysis, how she moves her legs, how her feet are becoming increasingly deformed as her hamstrings contract. She knows and loves that you are grateful for her showing you things you only dream of.
Today its a transfer to the floor, she’ll pull herself to the living room after binding her legs together. In the living room she manipulates her legs for you and displays her reason for binging her feet together in an incredible display. She pulls back ot the bedroom and struggles onto the bed and reached out to you hoping you will help lift her off the floor. She changes clothing, puts on incredible spiked heel shoes and nylons and transfers again to her wheelchair. What a truly beautiful woman.