Claudette and you in the park.

PURCHASE HERE Claudette and you in the park. You watch her wheel over to the curb but she cant get over it into the grass, so you stand and watch. Soon she lifts herself out of her wheelchair and transfers onto ground. She removes her shoes as you watch, her stockings and you wait in […]

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PURCHASE HERE HEAVENLY PRIMAVARA Beautiful Primavara pours herself a glass of wine and wheels herself over to you. You enjoy looking at her radiant smile and admire her beautiful legs, sitting motionless but so attractive. Soon she lifts her leg in the air and removes her shoes to relax. Then her nylons are pulled down […]

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welcome to the new chairem international and our new address:

WELCOME RETURNING CHAIREM FANS AND NEW FANS ALIKE! We’re excited to have you join us on our new website. Every 2 years since our beginning in 1999 we’ve refreshed out look and bought new ways to make your CHAIREM INTERNATIONAL experience a better one. Please take a moment to click on follow to be sure […]

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PURCHASE HERE DELICIA’S FEET SHOES AND MORE! Delicia’s welcomes Aria to give her legs and feet a complete spa treatment. They stop for a moment to compare their polio ravaged legs and then Delicia is treated to complete foot care. After Aria leaves, Delicia tries on some sexy toe jewelry and a few pairs of […]

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PURCHASE HERE EVERYTHING YOU’VE WANTED From her many fans all over the world, Delicia has made this new video incorporating all of her best attributes plus many requests never seen before. If you like Delicia then this is the movie for you. It incorporates: New leg braces, lots of walking in both leg braces, with […]

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PURCHASE HERE DELICIA’S LEG BRACE EROTICA THREE I Have a wonderful seductive pair of leg braces for you. They are cold steel, black leather and tall long leather boots with very high heels. They are powerful and sensual and hide the weakness that makes them important to me Come together with me and you and […]

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PURCHASE HERE DELICIA’S DINNER DATE Delicia’s afternoon is interrupted by a phone call from a companion who wants to take he to dinner. Its time to change from her relaxed clothes for the evening. Like all women, Delicia need to find the exact cloths to leave a lasting impression. This means trying on more than […]

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