Crystals new set of crutches

PURCHASE HERE: Crystal developed Polio as a child. Her parents couldnt afford braces of a wheelchair so shes spent her life on the floor, knees to her breast, hopping and using hand crutches ( small blocks to raise her body allowing her to swing her legs). In an attempt to make life easier ( […]

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SPECIAL INVITATION… Tell Iris what you want to see!

Para and Iris Fans alike, you’re going to love this! Iris is being flown to Tucson Arizona for filming during the week of Dec 11 -18th. Her scripts are all incredible with content we’ve never presented you before. The incredible response to her Paraplegic Bondage and Sensation Exploration video let us know what you really […]

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Crippled enough for any man

PURCHASE HERE: We love watching Samantha and her unique gate. Rather than having a brace, she chose to have one knee fused giving her a rigid leg for walking. the other leg is still delightfully flaccid. Plenty of crutch walking, leg fondling, foot fondling and floor crawling to please.

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Iris Rope bondage and Sensation Exploration – HIDDEN CAMERA VERSION

PURCHASE HERE: Busted! It seems Iris has a very jealous Devotee boyfriend who doesn’t like how chose she is getting to the Chairem President. So, to be sneaky he hid a camera when Iris called to show off her rope trick. Sure things got a little heated when she began to play with herself […]

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Brenda the Hi Heeled Polio Princess

PURCHASE HERE: When Brenda our cute little polio wheelchair sweety arives in her taxi, she has to transfer out to her wheelchair. Her legs are of no use to her so its all in her shoulders and arms as she lifts her body into her wheelchair. Then whe wheels to a quiet location to […]

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Iris Para Rope Bondage and Sensation Exlporation

  PURCHASE HERE: When Iris contacts Chairem Head Office she has a plan for something special she wants to incorporate into her video. With a transfer from her wheelchair Iris binds her feet in handkerchiefs, then binds her paralyzed legs in rope. With her legs strapped tightly to her chest, Iris can hop around […]

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Karla’s Beautiful Polio Hand

PURCHASE HERE: Kara’s polio ravaged her left arm leaving her hand flaccid and completely useless. Somehow she finds ways of making the hand do some things but generally, it hands motionless and of no value. Karla does everything to try to complete some obstacles we have created for her to prove that while that […]

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