PURCHASE HERE: LET ME SHOW YOU MY PARALYSIS Linda affectionately invites to to explore her lost movement and feeling in all regions below her waist. With no feeling or movement Linda must pick up and manipulate each leg to do such tasks as dress, put on stocking and shoes. The daily tasks are performed on […]

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YOU TUBE ONLY: Crutchman 17: Paraplegics Poolside

When Bob Crutchman Edwards sold his collection to Chairem International, Our goal was to bring them to public use only when we found a way for disabled individuals to benefit from his covert filming. Enjoy being poolside and watching incredibly beautiful paraplegics as the prepare to compete in the pool. All sales of this movie […]

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Deformed Arm Exotica Bound for Crutches

PURCHASE HERE: Deformed Arm Exotica Bound for Crutches When exotica takes a horrible fall and sprains her ankle, a new problem develops. She needs her feet to replace the hands she doesnt have, Legs do the work of arms that are missing. When she discovers she cant walk and needs crutches, she knows there’s no […]

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Youtube EXCLUSIVE: Miami Paraplegic Leg Play

Available to purchase only on our Youtube channel A beautiful young paraplegic waits for you on her bed. On your arrival she manipulates and plays with her legs and feet to capture your heart, mind and soul. Each leg, so silent and paralyzed is adored and fondled before her graceful transfer to her wheelchair where […]

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The Secrets Janet Never Speaks

PURCHASE HERE: The Secrets Janet Never Speaks Janet is a seductive woman. She learned to use yer eyes and smile to lure a mans attention when she lost the use of her legs. Soon she learned her paralysis could make her more attractive than when she was able to walk. She needed to believe in […]

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http://youtu.be/PYe6siZ6ea0 Own it on your own computer here: When Iris is alone intimately fondling and enjoying her body, she is startled by a noise in her hallway. An intruder has broken into her home with the sole intent of enjoying all her paralyzed body can show him. While he has no intention of taking advantage […]

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PURCHASE HERE LUNAS DEFORMED FOOT ORTHOTIC First off, Luna is an incomplete paraplegic. It means she has limited movement in her legs, just enough to be interesting but not enough to be of any value. the feeling in her legs is spotty, here an there in her thighs but nothing below her knees. Luna is […]

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