A call to aid for a dear Chairem Woman

http://www.gofundme.com/jn37ztqs My heart breaks not being able to do more to help Iris myself.  She is giving, accepting of Chairem Fans and Admirers without question.  You’ll see I’m one of the first to do what I can financially. Please, If you can, help me help Iris, one of our most popular Chairem Women. God bless […]

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Luna’s Beautiful Legs To Love

(CLICK HERE>) PURCHASE HERE: Luna is one of the most remarkable Paraplegics we represent. Her minimal muscle use in her legs makes them appear functional at times, but they are not. When you look closely at her pretty feet you’ll see they are fully paralyzed and useless. Luna has had surgery on her hamstrings to […]

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A Mini Movie from Iris – Youtube only

Iris is proving to be passionate and alluring. She fully understands the unique passions of an Admirer and she’s very comfortable with them. In this incredible mini movie, Iris, lowers herself to the floor and pulls herself, dragging her paralyzed legs behind, walking if you will on her hands. To be sure she has something […]

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Donna’s Cool Shower on a Hot Day

PURCHASE HERE: Beautiful Donna wrapped in leather and steel displays her walking ability with both braces before sitting down and removing the brace and nylon from her weakest leg. With your assistance, she stands up and walks with a single brace to show you how her foot drags when free of her braces. She tires […]

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Pamela’s New Leg Braces

PURCHASE HERE With utmost gratitude to a Long time Chairem Fan, Pamela presents the new legbraces and crutches purchase by one of her greatest fans. Not cosmetic or imitation braces but the real thing. True orthotic braces intended to aid in Pamelas walking now that she’s struggling with years on her crutches and ever so […]

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PURCHASE HERE: MIAMI PARA LEGPLAY Our Miami Paraplegic wants to prove that her paralysis hasn’t made her legs look any less attractive than when she could walk. While her feet may remain motionless except for an occasional spasm that causes her toes to twitch, her feet remain perfectly soft, smooth and sinfully seductive. She’ll play […]

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Own all three Iris Interviews Movies and save!

PURCHASE HERE You’ve seen the samples but dont know which one you want the most? Use this link to own all three versions. Each movie is the full interview. One movie is filmed in her home, the other is exactly what We watched on our monitor and the third is the combined version movie. Each […]

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