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You wanted a paraplegic to stand without braces?

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Catalina ~ new to her paralysis

Catalina’s body was shattered in an auto accident. Her bake broken and legs mangled and shattered, she went though rehabilitation and now just 3 months out, is a Chairem Woman. Enjoy her legs and discover how she is still learning what her life is like now that she is fully disabled and paralyzed.

Valentines Day with you.

Valentine dressed in a sexy skirt displays her short hanging leg and foot for you. First a little lotion before putting on high heels and walking with a single crutch outside in the sun. I love watching the foot dancing on her short leg as she walks!

cross compliant

4 New Movies ~ something for everyone

Welcome theĀ  3 new models and our incredibly sexy Iris who bring you new movies this week. Each movies is MPEG 4 – cross platform compliant so you can enjoy them on your favorite device.

Sexy Iris the paraplegic goddess shares a transfer with you, we know will blow you away. She wheels out to her car then teases and torments you taking her shoes and nylons off before transferring her heavenly body into the car. Then crossing her legs for stability, she pulls apart her chair and loads it in beside her.
This is a sensual, sexual transfer you must have!

I promise you a treat when Tara takes off her shoe, sock and brace because the foot left dangling is like candy. Toes as sweet as little cherries, her leg is useless outside the brace. From the apartment she walks to the park where she removes the steel brace from her leg. With her pant leg rolled up you watch how her shorter and flaccid leg can barely carry her weight without the steel that normally gives her leg support. Oh I think I love this cripple.

buy-now-goldJuanita is one of those above knee amputees with the perfect stump. Beautifully contoured, soft and beautifully sewn to look so incredibly sexy. From the apartment, Juanita takes you for a stroll while her skirt lets you peek a boo her stump as she crutches along. At the park bench she take off her black nylon and shoe before crutching barefoot for you then sits and gives you a wonderful look at what remains of her left leg.

Claire was born with Otiose-Perfecta making her of small stature with bones so brittle they can snap with the lightest pressure. Each fall or bump is a risk to her. Here Claire gets off the bed after picking up her shoes, not by hand but with her feet. She struggles to put socks and shoes on for you before walking to the livingroom where he removes her shoes and socks again. When walking without her built up shoe you can see how much of an impact it has on her little body. What a sweet little lady.
cross compliant


New features continue!

With over 600 movies ( in .WMV format) to choose from, we cant return and reproduce them all in cross platform compatible versions, so we have added links to free programs that will allow you to convert for your device. You’ll find those links on our Customer Service Page.

Starting January 24th, 2015 all new movies posted on our web site will be Cross Platform Compliant ( MPEG 4) meaning you can enjoy them on Phones, Tablets and good old fashioned Computers. Watch for this Icon to be sure your purchasing a Cross Compliant Video.

cross compliant


Check out our new feature ~ Gumroad Video rentals and Downloads.

We’ve added a new feature to the website on our main menu called RENTALS!

You can rend movies for 72 hours OR purchase them and download to your computer.
Be sure to check out

We’ll be adding more videos there weekly along with out usual weekly video offerings so check back often.

We offer you 4 Never before seen videos to start:
Iris shares a very sexy car transfer and wheelchair load.
Our new polio Model Tara has the sweetest polio legs and wonderful dangling foot
Clair is an Ostio Imperfecia sweetheart on a walker and and short leg
Juuanita is an above knee amputee with a sweet as candy stump you have to check out!

Be sure to read about the host of our Rentals on the information page. Gumroad is a great service provider and you’ll enjoy the experience.

Primavara Paraplegic Goddess

Primavara is one of our most successful and beautiful paraplegics. Here she transfers Continue reading

Private double amputee pool party

Rechelle our sweet double leg amputee takes you poolside for a private and intimate afternoon of water sports and delightful double amputee legs. Continue reading